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As we adapt to the new hybrid work model, Imagicle UC Cloud Suite seamlessly integrates with your calling platforms and the things you love and use every day, granting a unified experience to everybody!

  • Make hybrid work faster, smarter, and easier for your calling users, anywhere and anytime: Digital Fax - Call Recording - Contact Manager.
  • Empower your customer service team with Operator Essentials - Attendant Console - Manager Assistant.
  • For your supervisors and managers, helping to improve your customers’ experience: Advanced Queueing with ready-to-use reporting - Supervisor Console - Call Recordings and Voice Analytics.
  • For your Contact Center agents, helping your Cisco UCCX-E agents and supervisors to get their job done: Contact Manager - Call (Screen) Recording - Voice Analytics.
  • For administrators, providing a unique Self Service Portal to manage all services and users: Self Service Management - One Suite, One Integration - Role-Based Access.

Go Cloud today, simplify hybrid work across your company, and access exclusive services such as Proactive Support, High Availability, Secure connectivity, and more.