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Get the real value from your recordings with Imagicle Voice analytics for free.

Recording calls is a crucial need, but what about analyzing them to extract their real value? Imagicle Voice Analytics, is an AI service that gives you a prompt analysis of your recorded calls thanks to speech-to-text and sentiment analysis features.

The service will be available to everyone by the end of the year and in the coming weeks it will be constantly enriched with new features and improvements that the team is developing today.

Apply for the special promo today and find out how much value there is in the content of conversations, to improve your services and the experience offered to your customers.

*If you purchase your Imagicle Call Recording by 31 December 2021, every user will get 1,000 free minutes a month, for a total duration of 3 months. Offer also available per channel: by purchasing one channel, every channel will get 2,000 free minutes a month, for a total duration of 3 months. In both cases, the free 3 months will be usable starting from 2022.